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化粧品のOEM ビューティードア株式会社
化粧品のOEM ビューティードア株式会社

Company outline

Company Beautydoor Co., Ltd.
President Mr. Hirai Masanori
Head office 1-3-6, Nishikiori-higashi, Tondabayashi-shi, Osaka 584-0069
Distribution center 600-1,Kamikawachi, Kanan-cho, Minami-kawachi-gun, Osaka 585-0024
Establishment 1968
Legal Capital \30,000,000.-
Employee 45


As for manufacturing equipment, please refer to our factory guide.


“To create the company for the benefit of the society and peoples”

When I started Diapoly co., Ltd, business contents was plastic molding manufacturing, totally with planning, preparing molding die and assembling.

After that, to diversify company, we joined cosmetics business and changed the company name to Beautydoor co., Ltd.

Our company philosophy is “To create the company for the benefit of the society and peoples” One of human desires is to pursue the physical beauty for lifetime. We have reinforced our research and development section under the theme how to become more beautiful and keep beautiful for long time. For this purpose, it is quite natural we have to supply good quality product , so that the customers can use it safely and regularly.

Please refer to this website. If you are interested in our company, please feel free to contact and give us any comment and enquiry. We assure you of our very best services for your benefit and finally we want to enjoy a win-win relationship with you.


Company History

1968 Mr. Kubo started personally plastic molding business in Tondabayashi-shi, Osaka, Japan.
1977 Established company as Diapoly Co., Ltd in Tondabayashi, Osaka.
1979 Head office moved to Chihaya-akasaka-mura, Osaka and main factory(plastic molding) was built at the same site.
1982 Factory for plastic assembling was built in Tondabayashi.
1984 Computerized warehouse for Distribution constructed as service center in Kanan-cho, Osaka.
1994 New market entry into cosmetics and toiletry business.
1997 Obtained ISO9001.
2001 Obtained Licence for manufacturer of cosmetics and quasi-pharmaceutical products.
2005 Started to maket original brand cosmetics.
2007 Due to the main factory closed, head office was moved to the distribution center.
2008 Head office moved to Tondabayashi factory and new facilities for cosmetics introduced there.
Tondabayashi factory.
2012 Company’s name changed to Beautydoor. Co. Ltd.
2019 Appointed Masanori Hirai as Representative Director

Privacy Policy

Beautydoor Co., Ltd(hereinafter “Beautydoor”) respects each individual’s right to personal privacy. We will collect and use information through our Website only in the ways mentioned in this statement. This statement applied solely to information collectd at wesbise of Beautydoor’s website.

  1. Purpose of collecting information Your personal information will be used within the scope limited for the following purposes. *Development of products and services *Possible providing information about new products and promotions and the latest information of the website. *Possible sending of trial products and samples. *Preparation of statistical and analysis data.
  2. Information collection The following general data may be required from primary customer for the purpose described in the above item 1.
    *Year and month of birth
    *Phone No.
    *E-mail address
    *Interests, other profiles
  3. Usage and Provision of Information Except when being required by applicable laws and regulation, Beautydoor will not use persona datal or provide such information to any other third party than our subcontractors.
  4. Management Measure on Information Beauydoor constantly takes appropriate measure to maintain the accuracy of our customer’s personal data safely. And further Beautydoor takes all ppssible measure to prevent unauthorized access to customer’s data. Beautydoor may share such personal data with subcontractors. However, in this case, Beautydoor instructs and guides the outside contractors to pay careful attention to the management of personal data regarding the prevention of leakage of such prevent from any possible leakage.

Beautydoor Co., Ltd.