Please be free to contact us even if the OEM quantity looks like small.

化粧品のOEM ビューティードア株式会社
化粧品のOEM ビューティードア株式会社

Inspection of incoming materials and pre-delivery inspection are strictly conducted properly.Bacteriological examination is carried out thoroughly on every production.

ISO9001:2008 obtained, so quality control is applied to every manufacturing stage. We assure you of the quality of products under our
QC management and special expertise.

Good Quality water

Clear and fresh water risen from high mountains nearby is purified by using reverse osmosis membrane and ion exchange resin. And further the water go through ultrafiltration membrane and disinfected by ultraviolet ray to be free from bacterial contamination. In this way, the most suitable water is finally obtained for manufacturing cosmetics.


Our production facilities comply with the quantity ranging from minimum to sizable production lot flexibly.Vacuum emulsifying mixer 750Kgs, 650 Kgs and 350 Kgs., Filling machines, lot printing machine, shrink wrapping machine.


We have a computerized(fully automatic rack system)warehouse separately which is located 20min drive from the head office.We can offer you such a storage space in case.

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